Nokia Support use Makinex Generators

Makinex Generators have a reputation for being robust, reliable, and using the latest Alternator technology to provide users with parallel power whilst being 30% more compact than our competitor’s comparable product.

Nokia Communications supply first class support to their users, and want to ensure they use the best equipment for their field service unit.

Makinex have recently signed a national deal to supply every Nokia field service unit a Makinex 10kva Generator for reliable use in the field.

In the event of a Nokia support tower having a problem, their field service unit attend to the issue within 4 hours to ensure power is restored as soon as possible.

Nationwide the service units now have Makinex 10kva Generators in every service vehicle to ensure they can get the support tower back up and running.


Nokia needed to have a Generator that was

–          High Quality

–          Easily Mobile

–          Reliable

–          Compact – 550mm wide

–          3 phase capability

–          Australian designed and assembled


Makinex ticked every box.

Makinex Generators use the RFL permanent magnet alternator allowing us to manufacture our 10kva Generators 30% more compact than our competitors.

This meant they fit perfectly into the service vans.

Another feature Nokia liked about the Makinex 10kva Generators was the ability to parallel 2 units together to create a 20kva output.

Makinex national service and parts support ensured Nokia’s round the clock requirements were fulfiled.

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