No more back pain with the hand powered truck

Hunter Valley Hire purchased the Powered Hand Truck in April this year. We purchased

this machine after viewing it on the Makinex website after realising the machine would be a great benefit

to staff welfare.

We use the lifter for lifting plate compactors, pressure cleaners & generators into the

back of customers vehicles or trailers.

After realising I had a lower back injury from all the years of heavy lifting

& not using the right technique I was at a point where I was continuously in

back pain from my injury every time I attempted to lift something.

Since using the lifter  I no longer physically life quipment into customers

vehicles as a result of this I no longer suffer from daily back pain. I would not even try to lift

equipment into a customers vehicle without the Makinex Hand Powered Truck.

My favourite element about the lifter is ease of use there is no time wasting setting it up.

Just flick the on switch & away you go.

What we can do now that we couldn’t do before with the lifter is to lift equipment

into customers vehicles alone not having to rely on another staff member to assist you in

lifting equipment into customers vehicle.

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