Makinex supporting Safe Work Month

The month of October is Safe Work Month and Makinex have a close association with Safe Work Australia after winning The Good Design Safe Work Australia Award earlier this year.

Safety in the workplace underpins many of our products.

Powered Hand Truck – Allowing you to pick up 140 kg with just one person, which reduces workplace injuries.

Picking up heavy materials is often done with a couple of people – struggling or a forklift which means you have to have a licence and training. Back injuries through incorrect posture is a very common, and costs businesses time and money.

The Powered Hand Truck provides a safe, easy and quick way to pick up and move materials.

This award winning machine can change the way your run your business and look after you’re staff. Ideal for the storage, hire & rental and materials handling industries among many others

Jack Hammer Trolley – Providing a safer and quicker way to lift floor tiles, vinyl and cork.

Using a Jackhammer is strenuous work and puts a lot of stress on the body, the Makinex Jackhammer Trolley has built in shock absorbers to reduce vibrations and absorbs user fatigue

The Jackhammer Trolley not only is safer and easier to use – it also makes the job up to 6 x faster.

Hose 2 Go – A constant pressure water supply unit, used within the construction, core drilling and concrete cutting industries to suppress dust and  prevent you having to pump by hand which puts stress on shoulders and joints.

The Hose 2 Go is a unique and cleverly designed product that uses no electronics, no pump, and no need to manually pump water.

Dual Pressure Washer – A rotary cleaner  and wand pressure washer in one, which is walk behind cleaning machine which makes the job easier and quicker, preventing you having the bend down and put pressure on your back.

Having a pressure cleaner you can walk behind and can be used for cleaning floors and walls means you get the job done quicker and safer.

Mixing Station – This product can save up to 8 hours  of labour, and with the easy tilt system and you don’t have to hold the mixer free hand which saves repetitive strain.

Generators – 6,9,10,16 Kva all are compact and mobile built with an easy to use handle that allows the user to simply push the Generator to where it is needed, rather than having to pick up heavy machinery