Makinex partners with ACCA to help members achieve increased efficiency in facilities maintenance

Makinex have joined the Australasian Cemeteries and Crematoria Association (ACCA), a non-profit organisation that provides leadership, professional services and communications to the industry.

ACCA is made up of approximately 150 members made up of cemeteries, crematoriums and councils, as well as affiliate organisations that provide products and services to the industry.

The association holds annual conferences through various locations in Australia, bringing together members and suppliers for professional development, exhibition and networking. ACCA also publish a quarterly magazine ACCA News to deliver industry specific news and topical information for its members.

Rookwood Cemetery and Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust are a few of several customers who are part of the association whom Makinex have worked with in the provision of equipment for grave digging and transporting materials.

“Our Canycom Swivel Dumpers and Cormidi Mini Dumpers are currently helping several cemeteries nationally to achieve greater efficiency,” stated International Sales Manager, Paul Weaver. “We are proud to supply specialised machines that allow operators to be productive whilst keeping the cemetery monuments and landscapes in pristine condition.”

The Canycom and Cormidi Dumpers set a new benchmark in allowing operators to achieve excellence in facilities maintenance. On average, a saving of two and a half hours per dig can be achieved by using the Canycom S100 Dumper.

“Makinex are looking forward to working with ACCA in educating the industry on best practices in construction and maintenance using the latest equipment.” concluded Paul.

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