Makinex launches the new Cormidi 85 Dumper

The latest addition to the line-up of Cormidi narrow access dumpers distributed by Makinex has just arrived on Australian shores.

The new Cormidi 85 Dumper manufactured in Italy is a high performance compact dumper that efficiently transports bulk materials. With only 835mm width, the Cormidi 85 can easily manoeuvre through the narrowest of spaces and navigate over all types of terrain.

The skip capacity of the new Cormidi 85 is 15% greater than the previous model, allowing contractors to load and shift more materials in each load. The new dumper also travels at an increased speed, reducing the overall hours of labour and time in completing a job. It also features a Donaldson dual air filter system for greater engine protection.

“We are proud to supply these versatile dumpers that are rugged and durable,” stated Makinex International Sales Manager, Paul Weaver. “We will always endeavour to release newer and improved products that provide greater benefits to the end-user such is increased efficiency.”

Cormidi Dumpers all feature a built-in suspension system in the tracks that allows travel over rocks, gutters, tree roots and virtually any other uneven surface at an angle of up to 20°. Starting at a 400KG load capacity and going up to 2000KG, the dumpers can lift, shift, load, transport and store any materials from concrete blocks to brick, stone, dirt and gravel. High tipping features available on some models enable the dumper to drop materials directly into utes and skip bins, making the task more efficient.

The machines are fully hydrostatic, eliminating the expense of replacing expensive cables and belts and allowing operators to control their maintenance costs.

For more information on the new Cormidi 85 Dumper, call 1300 795 953.

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