Makinex Ideas Box

Making Inefficiencies Extinct is the key motivation at Makinex

Makinex want to provide you with a better way to do your job, we do this be constantly innovating and looking outside the box.

We are always listening to our customers. We believe that the people who work in the construction industry know what they need and often have great ideas and improvements we can consider.


If you have been using a Makinex product within the construction industry and feel some changes to the design could help you to do your job, faster, smarter or cheaper why not get in touch.

Send us an email and the research and development team will take your ideas to the drawing board.


Here is a great example of how this can work

Mike Eccleshall, one of our customers in the UK, gave us some great ideas on the Mixing Station that would benefit him, us and other customers. He suggested to make some changes to the sliding handle, to make it easier to adjust.

Whilst reviewing the Makinex Mixing Station we took on board Mikes suggestions, on the updated model of the Mixing Station an extra brake castors was added, the kick pedal for tipping is bigger and the sliding handle has been changed to a smoother mechanism to raise the arm easily.


So, you see your ideas will be heard at Makinex. Don’t hesitate to send your ideas to your help is always welcome.

Improvement or new product ideas, let us know!!!

We are looking forward to all your new ideas! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and keep up-to-date.