China gives Makinex PHT new award

Makinex Powered Hand Truck is on a role.

We have been awarded the 6th China Logistics Technology Award 2017 Innovation Award.

Makinex is new to the Chinese market and are very proud to be recognised for innovation.

The annual LT Summit is one of the most authoritative events for logistics technology in China.

As the logistics industry evolves to cope with increasing volume driven by the boom of e-commerce, Chinese enterprises – like its global counterparts – are seeking ways to improve productivity and safety. Makinex PHT solution can help organisations boost productivity and improve material handling safety in its unique design.

This year, 23 innovation awards were presented, 6 awards for best enterprises, 5 for people of the year, and 1 lifetime achievement award.

The Makinex PHT140 has won awards globally including:

Good Design Award in Australia

RER Award in USA

Innovation Trail Award in UK