Having trouble finding the necessary accessory and spare part?

What is the real cost of your tool or machine breaking down or needing a replacement accessory or spare part to enable you to get the job done?

Have you ever been in a situation where you have been in the middle of a job and you have had to stop to replace or find an accessory or part to enable you to finish?

So frustrating.

But is this where the frustration ends or is it just the beginning?

Do you then have to hunt around to find the right company who can provide you with your needs? This can be a very painful process, especially if you end up finding out there is a substantial lead time to get the part or out of stock issues.

We are all under the pump to get more done in our day than ever before. So when purchasing your tools or machinery, you want to be assured the company you’re buying from can provide and service any additional accessories or spare parts you may have in the future.

At Makinex we ARE the Manufacturer of our products, parts and accessories which means you get the correct part or accessory each and every time without any of the running around.

We’ll even help you fix any problems that may arise as we have a comprehensive servicing department who can turn their hand to pretty much anything!

In addition to the Makinex product range, we are the sole distributor of Cormidi Mini Dumpers! We have a comprehensive range of Cormidi spare parts as well as the capacity to service and repair all Cormidi machines which limits any downtime on the job.

Simply give is a call on 1300 795 953 or email and we’ll have your needs met in no time meaning you can get back to work!