Concrete Cutters and Corer Drillers need water!

No water means no concrete cutting!

John Ford Concreting were frustrated with not being able to get a constant pressure water supply for their concrete cutting services when they landed on site. Makinex introduced them to their constant pressure portable water supply unit, the Hose2Go which solved this frustration.

Water was difficult to access when on site

John and his team sometimes found that when they arrived on site, they didn’t have access to a reliable water supply for their concrete cutting tools. Without water, they couldn’t get on with the job of cutting concrete and this meant they wasted a lot of time trying to find a solution.

How can I get a portable water supply?

They decided they needed to find a portable constant pressure water supply unit that provided them with water where and when they need it.

While researching their options they came across the Makinex Hose2Go, a portable water supply unit that provides up to 30 minutes of constant pressure water supply for concrete cutting and coring tools.

John says, “… in addition to ensuring my team are never without water for their tools, the Hose2Go has reduced sludge entering the environment due to the user’s ability to control the water pressure from the Hose2Go. “

John also mentioned the Hose2Go is great for its ability to mitigate silica dust which ensures I have another way of looking after the wellbeing of my team.”

Solution: Portable water supply

So, there you have it:

  1. Portable water supply
  2. Reducing construction waste
  3. and mitigating Silica dust

are three great reasons to use the Hose2Go if you are in the business of concrete cutting and/or core drilling.

Please visit our Hose2Go product page for more details or email us to get a quote or ask a question.

Why suppress concrete dust when cutting or core drilling?

Why suppressing concrete dust is important

Would I be right in assuming that many concrete cutters and core drillers reading this would feel dust is simply part of the game when doing your job?

If it is, I’m sure you’re not alone.

Yet for me, it’s the potential life-threatening implications of concrete dust (Silica) that would make it a top priority for me to change this way of thinking.

What is Silica?

Worksafe QLD recently released a report on Silica and how important it is to manage exposure to it.

This is how they define Silica;

“Silica is present in the aggregate added to concrete, in asphalt, bricks, concrete, concrete and terracotta tiles and pavers, in sandstone and in granite. Small amounts are present in cement. Silica can be released if using power tools to cut fibre cement sheeting. During the cutting, grinding or drilling process, the mineral is broken into fine dust which is referred to as silica dust.”

What is the risk?

As the total dose of Silica increases, so does the risk for developing silicosis, lung cancer, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).   Some workers become ill after many years of low exposure levels, while other workers who perform less frequent but high exposure tasks can become ill with a lower cumulative exposure.  Why?  Because a high exposure to silica dust overwhelms the lungs’ defenses and most of the dust settles deep into the lungs which is where it does the most damage.

How can I reduce my exposure to Silica?


If you’re exposed to concrete dust as a concrete cutter or core driller, then  there are some simple steps you can take to minimise your ongoing exposure to Silica dust.

  • Contain – keep the dust contained to the area where you’re working
  • Ventilation – when the dust can’t be contained within a certain work space, then provide some form of ventilation system that will prevent it spreading and contaminating other parts of the workplace
  • Suppression – use water to suppress the spread of the dust.

The three steps detailed above are simple guidelines you can follow to maintain the safety of yourself and those who you work with.

For information on how Makinex can help you minimise exposure to Silica dust in your job, contact us or check out the dust suppression tool on our website.

Please ensure you consult with a medical professional to gain advice into your individual circumstances.

Increase workplace efficiency with the Powered Hand Truck!

Discover how Central Steel Build overcame their lifting challenge…


Central Steel Build is a steel building manufacturer who design and build facilities across a diverse range of residential and commercial applications. These include domestic sheds and garages and offices through to rural and aviation building solutions.

The materials Central Steel Build use to build are bulky, heavy and sometimes difficult to lift where they need them to be and it was this challenge that led them to Makinex Construction Products.


The specific challenge that Central Steel Build presented to Makinex was moving 4.8m long web trusses up off a welding jig onto movable trolleys.

They were currently using an overhead crane to perform this task and they wanted a more efficient solution to help them with this so the crane could be used more effectively elsewhere.

Harvey Edmonds from Central Steel Build explains their challenge; “…we had used our overhead cranes to lift trusses. This took up valuable crane operation time, and it limited our work area to the reach of the crane.”


Makinex demonstrated how their Powered Hand Truck with sling attachment could be used as an alternative lifting solution for the web trusses which range from 3.6 to 6m in length, have an estimated height of 450mm and weigh between 60 – 90kg.


The results are extremely pleasing as the Makinex Powered Hand Truck is able to successfully lift the 4.8m Web Trusses off the welding jig and onto the movable trolleys ready for the next stage in the building and manufacturing process and here is what Central Steel Build had this to say about the results;

“The Makinex Powered Hand Truck has been a great innovation for our workshop. It saves us up to an hour each day in lifting the web tresses which over a period of a year, adds up to substantial time savings.  It’s also enabled us to keep a more flexible work-space to run with no down time waiting on overhead cranes or forklifts and a result we’ve improved our flow and productivity.

Previously, we had used our overhead cranes to lift trusses. This took up valuable crane operation time, and it limited our work area to the reach of the crane. The hand truck solved both of these problems – saving us time, streamlining our flow and ultimately saving us money.”

Check out the video below to see the Powered Hand Truck in action!

Check out Central Steel Build’s gallery of projects.






Having trouble finding the necessary accessory and spare part?

What is the real cost of your tool or machine breaking down or needing a replacement accessory or spare part to enable you to get the job done?

Have you ever been in a situation where you have been in the middle of a job and you have had to stop to replace or find an accessory or part to enable you to finish?

So frustrating.

But is this where the frustration ends or is it just the beginning?

Do you then have to hunt around to find the right company who can provide you with your needs? This can be a very painful process, especially if you end up finding out there is a substantial lead time to get the part or out of stock issues.

We are all under the pump to get more done in our day than ever before. So when purchasing your tools or machinery, you want to be assured the company you’re buying from can provide and service any additional accessories or spare parts you may have in the future.

At Makinex we ARE the Manufacturer of our products, parts and accessories which means you get the correct part or accessory each and every time without any of the running around.

We’ll even help you fix any problems that may arise as we have a comprehensive servicing department who can turn their hand to pretty much anything!

In addition to the Makinex product range, we are the sole distributor of Cormidi Mini Dumpers! We have a comprehensive range of Cormidi spare parts as well as the capacity to service and repair all Cormidi machines which limits any downtime on the job.

Simply give is a call on 1300 795 953 or email and we’ll have your needs met in no time meaning you can get back to work!

Take the pressure out of Pressure Washing

Spring is in the air and for many of us that means doing the big pressure washing jobs around the house.

Some of the jobs which maybe on your list are cleaning mildew from the fence and pressure washing the driveway.

If these jobs aren’t on your list, they’re definitely on mine!

Whenever I have big jobs to tackle such as pressure washing a driveway, I always think to myself…how can I achieve the BEST results in the most efficient way?

One product I know that can definitely help clean your driveway and fence so they sparkle is the Makinex Dual Pressure Washer.

This is an awesome product as it not only has a wand for all your pressure washer cleaning such as mildew removal but it also features a powerful rotary cleaner that will make chew through the grime on your driveway like there is no tomorrow.

And the best bit…it’s all in the one machine.

Swapping between these two functions is as easy as turning a handle.

I’ve mentioned two surfaces you may wish to clean within this article but really the list is endless….and sadly so are the cleaning jobs!

If you would like some more information on the Makinex Dual Pressure Washer, please contact us on ph: 1300 795 953 or email:

How to choose the right generator for construction?

A key question you must address when working out your generator requirements is, what do I need the power for?

This includes your small tools right up to your big, power hungry tools.

If you don’t take the time to work this out, then you can be left short of power. Without power, you can’t do your job, costing you time and money.

Work out your site access

Do you need highly portable power, allowing you access across the job site or will a trailer mounted generator do the trick?

Work out your sums

Each tool has it’s own power requirements. To work out the total kVAs, set up a table like the one below which makes what you need clear.

Tool Starting Power Requirements Running Power Requirements Quantity on site Total Power Needed
Tool 1
Tool 2
Tool 3
Tool 4
Tool 5 etc

Once you’ve worked out your total power requirements, add another 20% to be safe.

Don’t forget some manufacturers can overstate power requirements for their products so check with your generator supplier to ensure you choose a generator suitable for your tool.

Some tools may have different measurements for their power, so you will need to convert them into watts. Here is a simple calculation on how to do this:

If volts and amps are listed on the appliance, multiply the two to determine the wattage: amps x volts = watts. When horsepower is listed, keep in mind that 1 hp equals 746 watts.

Loud versus quiet power

What type of power do I need?

Technological advancements means the power provided by generators is much cleaner and quieter than ever.

Take an inverter generator, they offer extremely quiet, clean power, which are well suited to sensitive electronics and for noise sensitive environments.

Other things to consider

Other things to consider when selecting a generator are:

  1. What safety mechanisms are in place to protect you? E.g. Are RCBO features built into your generator?
  2. Is the engine of high quality and fuel efficient?
  3. Is the steel thick enough to provide durability?
  4. Does the control panel have an hour meter allowing you to manage maintenance checks?
  5. Is it portable? Providing power where you need and allowing for safekeeping at the end of the day.

These are all basic things you need to consider when choosing your generator as they help determine the relevance of the machine for your needs.

If you would like some additional advice on selecting a generator, Makinex can help. View our range at or contact  Makinex Construction Products on 1300 795 953

Makinex Construction Products

Interview at World of Concrete – Makinex Hose 2 Go

Last week the Makinex team exhibited at The World Of Concrete event in Las Vegas.

We were exhibiting a number of products including

Hose 2 Go, Powered Hand Truck,Generator Range, Dual Pressure Washer, Jackhammer Trolley and Mixing Station.









Rory Kennard – Makinex CEO had the pleasure of being interviewed by For Construction Pros – where he talks about the Hose 2 Go and how it is an idea product for the concrete industry supplying a constant flow of water that allows you to suppress dust when cutting, core drilling and grinding concrete.

The Hose 2 Go is a constant pressure water supply unit.

It is so simple:

  • No pump which mean greater reliability
  • No complicated electronics to breakdown
  • No battery to go flat and expensive replacements
  • No need to manually pump to get the water pressure you need.

If you would like a demo or to request a quote – just get in touch

Award winning product on 3 continents


 The Makinex Powered Hand Truck gets GOLD at the RER Annual Innovative Product Award.It has been a year of recognition for the PHT-140. It started with the UK based Executive Hire Show, Innovation Trail Award early in 2016, and continued to win the most innovative product at the Australian Hire Show, and the Good Design Award in May 2016.

It has become a hit with most of the leading national rental companies in North America and Australia, and is getting known among smaller, independent rental companies as well.

As occurs every year in the USA, a panel of a dozen rental industry judges review a bunch of products for RER’s annual Innovative Product Award. This year more than 40 products were entered and narrowing it down to three finalists was no easy task for our judges.

Meet Baxter – The strongest 8 year old in the world

We have been sent this great video from our US office, showing the amazing Baxter an 8 year showing how easy using the Powered Hand Truck is.

He picks up a 175lb generator easily and safely, whilst rocking his Makinex shirt.

Go Baxter !!!


International Winners – PHT 140


Morris Site Machinery and Makinex who partnered earlier this year in the UK won the Innovation Trail Award over the weekend for the Makinex Powered Hand Truck at the UK Executive Hire Show 2016.

Stealing the spotlight at the show was the exclusive ‘Makinex’ range of products. Known for ‘Making Inefficiencies Extinct’ the range was primarily built for the Australian hire market, but has now been introduced to the UK market with great success.

Chris Morris Chief Executive of Morris Site Machinery said: “When we first saw the Makinex range in Australia we knew it could work well for our hire market, particularly with the growing legislation on Health and Safety and the drive for more efficient products.

“Winning this award at the Executive Hire Show is testament to all the creativity, hard work and development by Rory Kennard and the Makinex team – and to our own team here who have really got behind these new products.

“This accolade firmly plants the Makinex name in the UK hire market and I am delighted to report that we have been inundated with enquiries about the Hand Powered Truck since the Show.”

The Makinex Powered Hand Truck is a first-to-UK market, universal materials handling solution that enables one person to safely lift and load small equipment or bulky goods weighing up to 140kg . Set to revolutionise health and safety and handling, it provides a quick and easy alternative to using a forklift or tailgate loader for small loads onsite or loading into vans.

Utilising a 12V 25 Amp linear actuator, the hand truck eliminates awkward and dangerous one or two person lifts. It’s lightweight, easy to operate and manoeuvre, with the lifting arm controlled by lifting or lowering the handles using a simple thumb switch.
In addition, it provides long life cycles and can recharge in just three hours with a standard drill battery, and – when fitted with a specially-designed hook attachment – has a maximum lift height of 1.9m (1.55m with its fork attachment).

Manufactured from aluminium, the hand truck is durable, and can be folded down flat for easy transport and storage.

The PHT 140 has had a massive success in Australia winning Product of the Year 2014 at our own Hire and Rental Show and building momentum since then, with Kennards Hire admitting they had seen a 34% decrease in back and shoulder injuries since starting to use the Makinex PHT-140

Rory Kennard commented about the win in the UK “It is great that the PHT-140 has been recognised again as the best new product at a major trade show. It was designed for the Hire Industry and so to win again at a rental show is a great boost for Makinex, we are very happy to have won this award with our UK partner Morris Machinery”