Makinex launch the Dual Pressure Washer DPW-2500

After much success with the design and development of the powerful DPW-4000 surface cleaner, Makinex have once again demonstrated outstanding innovation in launching a 2500PSI model.

Following the footsteps of the DPW-4000 that was launched less than a year ago, Makinex now offer a lighter and more compact pressure washer; the Dual Pressure Washer DPW-2500.

Offering the same functionality and versatility as the original model, the DPW-2500 combines a rotary cleaner and wand in the one machine with the ease of swapping between them at the turn of a handle.

While the DPW-2500 is lighter, more compact and easy to manoeuvre, it does not compromise on power. The adjustable pressure ranges from 1000-2500PSI making it suitable for a wide range of applications including car parks, driveways, pavements and even machinery.

Makinex have undertaken concept, R&D and prototyping to deliver a quality product in only a relatively small amount of time. Most companies specialising in technology and manufacturing can take years to produce a market-ready product with few releasing a product in less than 12 months.

Rory Kennard, Makinex Director stated, “We are always looking at developing products that allow tradespeople and contractors to do their job faster, safer and easier. Makinex is a quick and nimble company that will implement methods of continuous improvement, and better yet, take it to market quickly to meet ever-changing customer needs.”

Other innovations designed by Makinex include the Jackhammer Trolley, a tile lifting and floor demolition tool, the Powered Hand Truck, a load and lift materials handling solution and a range of petrol and electric Floor Saws for cutting through concrete and asphalt.

For a free demonstration on the Makinex Dual Pressure Washer, call 1300 795 953 or make an enquiry.

Makinex Powered Hand Truck an evolving innovation

Since the release of the Makinex Powered Hand Truck PHT-140 in 2013, further developments have been made to improve the design to broaden the product’s utilisation across many applications.

The PHT-140 is a universal materials handling solution that enables one person operation, to safely lift and load equipment or bulky goods weighing up to 140kg (309lbs) onto bench tops and into vehicles. This unique product is revolutionary to the industry, eliminating awkward and dangerous lifts and thus reducing back injury.

Made of lightweight aluminium and powered by a 12V rechargeable battery, the PHT-140 easily manoeuvres equipment with a lifting eye by the use of a hook attachment. Knowing that not all goods have a lifting eye, Makinex also developed a fork attachment suitable for pallets. Providing a hook and fork attachment allowed for more versatility using the PHT-140.

Recently, Makinex have designed another two attachments – the strap frame and glass sucker. The strap frame combines with the fork attachment, allowing the user to lift almost anything from pot plants, boxes and generators. The glass sucker is used to lift heavy glass sheets in glazing applications, lifting and moving in preparation for installation.

Further, the PHT-140 has undergone improvements to the design for better ergonomics and operation. With functionality and safety in mind, Makinex have improved the charging system, produced a more robust folding wheel, added a safety latch to the hook and reduced the weight of the tilt head system for more flexibility.

“Makinex are proud to design and develop unique product innovations that vastly increase productivity,” stated Rory Kennard, Director and designer behind the PHT-140. “We will always look at ways for tradespeople and contractors to do their job faster, safer and easier, and the PHT-140 will keep evolving to deliver that.”

Other innovations designed by Makinex include the Dual Pressure Washer, a two-in-one wand and rotary pressure cleaner system, the Jackhammer Trolley, a tile lifting and floor demolition tool and the range of Floor Saws for cutting through concrete and asphalt.

For more information on the Makinex PHT-140 or the complete range of construction products, call 1300 795 953.

Makinex Powered Hand Truck awarded the Best New Product by the Hire & Rental Industry Association

The Powered Hand Truck PHT-140, a universal materials handling solution developed by Makinex was voted the Best New Product during the HRIA Convention Gold Coast, 29 April – 2 May, 2014.

The PHT-140 enables one person operation, eliminating awkward and dangerous lifts and thus reducing back injury. Introduced in late 2013, the PHT-140 gained quick market acceptance, particularly in the hire and rental industry where safety is paramount. Makinex entered the PHT-140 into the Best New Product Awards as it is a unique product enabling lift and load of equipment weighing up to 140kg onto benchtops and vehicles.

“We are thrilled to have won such a great award, considering the quality of entrants in the competition,” stated National Sales Manager, Paul Weaver. “There were 15 other products entered into the awards and so we are honoured to have been voted winner by the industry. We would like to thank everybody who voted for the PHT-140.”

Makinex, known for the design of innovative construction products launched the PHT-140 in late December. Though only recently released to market, Makinex have undergone further developments to improve the design and functionality. In addition to the original hook and fork attachment, a strap frame and glass sucker attachment has been developed, to broaden the product’s utilisation across many applications.

“Makinex are always developing new innovations that help people do their job faster, safer and easier. We achieve this through methods of continuous improvement so that our products are always at the forefront of the industry.” Paul concluded.

Other innovations designed by Makinex include the Dual Pressure Washer, a two-in-one wand and rotary pressure cleaner system, the Jackhammer Trolley, a tile lifting and floor demolition tool and the range of Floor Saws for cutting through concrete and asphalt.

For more information on the Makinex PHT-140 or the complete range of construction products, call 1300 795 953.

Pioneering success

Established for over a decade and growing in both local and global markets, the Makinex success story has been founded on dedication, enthusiasm and hard work.

Since 2007, International Sales Manager Paul Weaver has pioneered sales, distribution and service for the company as it has expanded from a humble two-man operation in Sydney to an international company. Paul started in a national role at Makinex and soon became responsible for global sales as the business expanded overseas.

“I have previously sold various forms of machinery for many years, but nothing as exciting and unique as Makinex construction products.” stated Paul. “What I love about my role is the uniqueness of our product range and seeing the benefits our customers gain by using them.”

A key part of Paul’s role has been to forge strong, long-term relationships with customers and stakeholders across global networks. Developing these partnerships has been integral towards the expansion of Makinex, in particular North America where they have only recently entered the market this year.

“I am excited to see the trial of our Jackhammer Trolley in a number of Home Depot rental stores throughout USA and Canada. This product is one of our first innovations and I am confident it will be a huge success in the rental market.”

Paul has also been a central player in a recent brand overhaul, as Work Smart Equipment transitioned to Makinex. Makinex is about making inefficiencies extinct, where the name itself comes from this driving force. For many industries such as construction, hire, materials handling and flooring, operators and managers are always looking at ways to complete tasks faster, safer and easier.

“Customers look to Makinex because our products make their life easier. Productivity, safety and ease-of-use are important attributes our customers seek in construction equipment.”

Paul, along with Director Rory Kennard are optimistic about the future.

“Our greatest asset is our people, who are passionate about our Australian-designed products. We have also just released a new line of Floor Saws and our new Dual Pressure Washer and are already receiving positive feedback from our customers.”

To relax and unwind from the pace of work, Paul enjoys playing golf. He is also a family man and loves to spend time with his wife and two-year old son.

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Makinex launches new Cormidi 35 tracked mini transporter

The Cormidi Dumper range distributed by Makinex for eight years now has a new addition to the family, a 350KG narrow access dumper.

The Cormidi 35 has an operating capacity of 350KG with a width of 740mm, allowing the unit to access most backyards and any other narrow access sites. Designed and manufactured in Italy, the Cormidi Dumpers have been engineered to provide narrow access into tight spaces. They are rugged, robust and versatile, allowing operators to easily lift, shift, load, transport and store.

“We added the Cormidi 35 into our existing range of dumpers to meet a need for a motorised wheelbarrow that is more suited to the domestic, contractor and rural market,” explained Paul Weaver, Makinex Sales Manager. “Our Cormidi Dumper range goes up to 2000KG, however the Cormidi 35 is an entry-level model that can be used by anyone.”

The undercarriage of Cormidi Dumpers is highly durable allowing travel over 20° slopes and navigation over all types of terrain and ground pressures. The rocking roller undercarriage feature acts as a suspension system when travelling over rocks, gutters, tree roots and virtually any other uneven surface.

“The Cormidi 35 is a versatile machine that we are proud to offer to customers, and we believe it will offer those using a conventional wheel barrow a more efficient method of transporting materials.” concluded Paul.

All Cormidi Dumpers are supported by manufacturer’s warranty, local spare parts and service networks.

For more information on the complete Cormidi Dumper range, call Makinex on 1300 795 953.

Major retailer building more stores, creating more jobs & construction equipment opportunities


A big-name retailer is expanding its customer base in Queensland, creating more jobs and construction equipment opportunities in the state.

The Daily Courier reported that Bunnings is spending $810 million to “cement” its foothold in the state amid the rising competition. The home improvement retailer said it will build 20 more stores in Queensland over the last five years. The move is expected to generate more than 5,000 jobs during the course of the construction period.

The stores, which will amount to more than 280,000 square metres of additional retail space, are expected to create 2,500 permanent jobs within Bunnings itself in addition to the more than 5,000 jobs that the expansion will create. Despite the recent construction downturn, the company said it is taking its chances, a move admired by many.

“It was time for us to take the next big leap for our business and that’s why we’re announcing the large number of stores that we’re opening,” said Peter Davis, the chief operating officer at Bunnings.

Meanwhile, seven of the planned 20 stores will be built as replacements for Bunnings’ older stores in Queensland. The rest, on the other hand, will be constructed in new locations such as Cairns, Springfield Central, and Toowoomba. 

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A ‘great little machine’ says Keeping It Green

Keeping it Green is an Australian business that specialises in the supply and hire of synthetic turf, providing quality locally-produced synthetic grass across Australia and New Zealand.

Supply of synthetic grass is a niche industry, with very few companies being able to deliver the level of quality and quantity that Keepin’ it Green does. They have been in operation for eight years and are a successful and dynamic company.

David Barnes, company director explained “We hire out to events and functions of small and large scale, of which some require 1500sqm. That is a lot of grass to produce, deliver and install, but our team manages it all for weddings, corporate events, displays and exhibitions.”

David recently invested in the Makinex Powered Hand Truck PHT-140 and claims it is a “great little machine.”

“We purchased the PHT-140 with the fork attachment because we needed to lift and transport grass, light equipment, vacuums and compactors around sites. The rolls of grass are heavy and bulky to move, so the PHT-140 was perfect for us. It reduces handwork by 90% saving us about three hours of labour. We can save us half a day of work!”

To increase productivity in the landscaping arm of the business, David additionally purchased a Cormidi-80 Dumper self-loader to lift, load and tip materials such as soil and debris.

“The Cormidi Dumper has eliminated the need for hand lifting. It has also reduced the amount of time required to load prior to transportation as well as the need for labour.”

There are a few exciting projects in the pipeline, such as a movie set for Top Gear, which should come off without a hitch considering David’s experience and expertise.

Pacific Hoists are back in the race!

Makinex distributor, Pacific Hoists has unveiled a new V8 team, driver and car that will race in the 2014 V8 Supercars Dunlop Series.

Pacific Hoists have joined forces with the Rsport Race Engineering Team, owned by Mark Robertson and headed up by driver Fredrik Lestrup, a 29 year old racing driver from Stockholm, Sweden.

Fredrik’s career in motorsport began in 2005 when he joined the Junior Touring Car Championship in Sweden after which his extensive driving history took off in Germany, Dubai and Spain. Between racing schedules, Fredrik also works as a race engineer and driver coach, teaching students in Stockholm.

“The decision to sponsor Lestrup follows a legacy in racing that Pacific Hoists have passionately followed,” said company Director, Richard Crake. “The engineering, skill and endurance of the V8 cars and drivers align well to our company brand values.”

The second highest level of touring car racing in Australia comprises of seven race weekends including the iconic Adelaide, Bathurst and Sydney circuits. Pacific Hoists will be with Robertson, Lestrup and the team on track, which is set to kick off at Clipsal 500 in Adelaide on 27th February 2014.

Pacific Hoists now powered by Makinex

Pacific Hoists have been locally owned and operated since 1976, specialising in lifting and materials handling across Australia and New Zealand. With a mix of global brands and self-owned products, Pacific Hoists have supplied cranes, hoists, hydraulically-powered equipment and winches to their national network of distributors such as Blackwoods, Bullivants and Atom and many others.

Recently, Pacific Hoists have taken on the sales and distribution of the Makinex Powered Hand Truck (PHT) – a universal materials handling solution that enables one person operation to safely lift and load small equipment or bulky goods weighing up to 140kg (309lbs).

“The PHT has secured a place in the forthcoming 2014 Blackwoods catalogue that will be launched in March.” said Richard Lawson, Corporate Accounts Manager of Pacific Hoists. “Being in such a well-known catalogue is a significant step for Makinex and Pacific Hoists as there will be 160,000 copies printed reaching many customers.”

Pacific Hoists are also making headway for the PHT to appear in Bullivants’ and Atom’s catalogue as well as their website in an effort to widen interest in the product and grow sales nationally.

For the latest updates on Pacific Hoists including information on the V8 series and the Powered Hand Truck, visit or like them on Facebook.

Makinex Jackhammer Trolley makes floor removal easier than ever

From humble beginnings to a leader in its game, the award-winning Makinex Jackhammer Trolley (JHT) has recently been re-designed for improved ergonomics

Since its first release in 2006, the Jackhammer Trolley has been a popular Makinex product both locally and overseas, with more units sold incrementally each year.

The JHT quickly gained acceptance due to its ability to reduce labour time by as much as six times and has been widely used in the flooring industry, from tile removal to demolition and surface preparation. It is categorically the only product of its kind, taking the majority of weight, vibration and impact of a jackhammer and thus reducing back pain and operator fatigue.

New improved features of the JHT include:

  • Better grip and traction when pushing the trolley via sheet metal burst holes on the foot plate
  • Less force on the user when adjusting the trolley height due to a more rigid cable release system
  • Assembly of hammers and block sets made easier with clear instructional sticker
  • New improved brand-specific block kits for Hilti, Makita, Bosch, Hitachi and Dwalt

The JHT is manufactured from steel components and is made up of a main frame, base frame, handle and hammer clamp. Optional attachments such as a wide chisel and tile smasher are also available to suit specific applications in flooring.

In line with the Makinex mandate to ‘make inefficiencies extinct’, the JHT will continue to evolve enabling operators to work smarter, safer and faster.

For more information on the Makinex Jackhammer Trolley, call 1300 795 953.

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Makinex launches innovative product range in the USA

Makinex are pleased to announce the launch of operations and sales in North America, in a strategic move towards growth in international markets.

Australian owned and operated with its head office in Sydney, Makinex have designed and developed innovative construction products to the local market since 2004. With a wealth of industry knowledge and a mandate to ‘make inefficiencies extinct’, Makinex have now successfully penetrated the USA market, and are focusing on the rental and flooring industry as core markets.

The launch was inaugurated at the American Rental Association (ARA) Rental Show in Orlando, Florida in early February 2014 where Makinex, along with 875 other exhibitors showcased their product range. The Rental Show brought thousands of delegates from various states and was an ample opportunity for Makinex to network and source distributors.

“It is an exciting time to launch in North America.” stated company Director, Rory Kennard. “Revenue growth for the equipment rental industry continues to be on the rise and we want to be a part of that.”

Despite the shifting economies in American industries, the rental market conditions are buoyant. In fact, in 2014 the industry is projected to grow 8 percent to $41 billion.

Makinex are also seeking new opportunities in the flooring market, where their Mixing Station and Jackhammer Trolley promises contractors and tradespeople a solution that increases productivity, saves physical effort and promotes safety. Known to be nimble and progressive, Makinex have taken an operator’s problem and created an improved way to do the job. Other products in their innovative line include the Powered Hand Truck and Dual Pressure Washer.

“Our products are unique and differentiated, allowing customers to do their jobs faster, safer and easier. They are an asset to any rental fleet, delivering a high utilisation rate and maximum ROI. Any operator is at a significant advantage when using our products, and we are confident about that.” concludes Rory.

For more information on Makinex, call +61 2 9460 8071 or visit the new USA website

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