Reduce costs, time and labour with a Makinex Mixing Station

The Makinex Mixing Station MS-100 makes mixing and applying floor levelling compounds easier and quicker with contractors claiming the efficiencies gained pays for the unit in no time.

Contractors can significantly improve efficiency by using the Makinex Mixing Station MS-100 made up of a 100 litre bucket, lightweight aluminium frame and stirrer. The MS-100 can mix a 100 litre batch of levelling cement consistently allowing contractors to confidently take on jobs up to 1500sqm without the need for a pump. For larger jobs up to 6000sqm, multiple Mixing Stations can be used.

With a built-in timer, the MS-100 can mix up to 100kg hands-free in only three minutes, freeing up contractors to prepare surfaces and undertake other tasks while mixing. The portable and lightweight MS-100 mixes self-levelling cements, compounds and epoxies quickly, and then easily tilts to give control, speed and precision when pouring.

Watch Video: Makinex Mixing StationJohn McKenzie from Ideal Floor Topping in Strathfield, NSW stated, “We had a job that required 240 bags of bulk compound to be applied. I anticipated the job would take about eight hours but we got hold of the Makinex Mixing Station and finished the job in two and a half hours with one less staff member than I would usually use. I have worked in the flooring industry for over 20 years and would say the Makinex Mixing Station is a definite time saver for contractors.”

The MS-100 was designed in 2009 by contractors for contractors and has since been distributed globally by Makinex. International Sales Manager Paul Weaver stated, “The feedback we continually receive is that this product is a genuine time saver. It gives us great confidence that Makinex can provide a product that greatly benefits contractors in the industry.”

To find out how you can save time and money with a MS-100, call 1300 795 953.

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Customer Profile: Rookwood General Cemeteries Reserve Trust

Plant and Vehicle Maintenance Manager Frank Dominici, works among 100 other staff who demonstrate a genuine commitment to the landscape and preservation of the cemetery. Investing in the right equipment is critical for Frank and his team to be able to carry out their tasks efficiently and keep the cemetery in pristine condition.

Recently, Frank has taken delivery of an additional two Canycom S100 Swivel Dumpers, now making up a fleet of six machines. Frank utilises the Canycom for transporting dirt and materials in excavation. Due to its 980mm narrow width, Frank can easily maneuver over the cemetery paths without interrupting the precious landscape and monuments.

“It improves efficiency, requiring less people to do the task,” stated Frank. “Traditionally we would have four men each with a wheel barrow but these days we only require two to operate the excavator and Canycom. The swivel bucket makes it perfect for backfilling.”

The Canycom S100 is manufactured in Japan and distributed by Makinex for customers who specifically require a machine with a 180° pivoting bucket that can work in confined spaces. It is powered by a Kubota Diesel engine and can easily transport over low ground pressure environments.

Rookwood General Cemeteries Reserve Trust, located in Western Sydney, is one of the largest cemeteries in Sydney. Assumptions aside, Frank enjoys working at Rookwood.

“I have been here for eight years and it has been the best place I’ve ever worked. Our new CEO Fiona Heslop is very proactive and invests a lot of resources into Rookwood to improve efficiency and keep things updated and professional. Recently new uniforms were issued to move away from the morbid perception and encourage staff to feel proud of our profession.” Frank concluded.

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Brian’s Tight Access: accessing all opportunities

Brian’s Tight Access operates in a specialised type of excavation, one that requires fitting into the tightest of spaces in residential areas.

For 25 years Brian Holloway, Owner and Operator of Brian’s Tight Access has completed several thousand excavations for swimming pools, rock hammering, land reshaping and demolition.

With an increase in property development to meet the rising population and housing demand within greater Sydney, gone are the days where site access was easy and housing blocks were spacious. Houses are tightly compacted into smaller blocks making it more difficult for builders like Brian to access the backyard. Every millimeter is precious when maneuvering between houses, making the Cormidi Dumpers a real asset to Brian’s business.

“Space between houses used to be 1200mm but now access is limited to only 800mm.” stated Brian. “One of our dumpers is 1000mm so we invested in two Cormidi 60’s, which are only 700mm wide. It is an essential asset for us as the blocks are getting smaller, and some even have two houses on only 450sqm.”

His phone rings off the hook continuously for jobs and projects due to his professionalism and skill, as well as his ability to access virtually any difficult site. In many instances, Brian along with his team of two will use the front and back doors and even stairs to get to site. Projects typically run from 1-4 weeks, which means minimal manual labour is critical in getting the job completed on time and within budget.

“Our Cormidi 60 eliminates the need for excavation done by hand. It is reliable, stable and has a diesel engine that provides more power to keep it going all day. We can even take it up a ramp to load dirt and materials into semi-trailers. The hi-tip feature is also great for lifting concrete directly into skip bins, saving manual lifting and handling.”

Brian is well and truly ahead of his game, leveraging opportunities from the imminent changes in the building and housing industry, backed by a membership in the Housing Industry Association.

“I have more work than I can handle!” Brian laughed. “It is continuous, but at least I get to relax and enjoy some down time on the weekends.”

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Makinex launches a new line of Petrol and Diesel Generators

Promising the latest in generator technology, Makinex are proud to release three new generators that are highly efficient, portable and compact.

Makinex are living up to their motto of ‘making inefficiencies extinct’ by releasing a new range of petrol and diesel generators that feature one of the most advanced alternators on the market, manufactured by RFL Australia. Unlike most generators, the new Makinex Generators contain no electronics but can still deliver inverter quality electrical output, providing ultimate reliability.

The Makinex MKX-7.5 and MKX-10 Petrol Generators as well as the MKXD-9 Diesel Generator are lightweight and compact, designed for portability and easy transportation. Makinex Generators have the option of being paralleled together allowing two 10Kva to produce 20Kva 3 phase or single phase power. This is a unique feature that provides the user with more flexibility. More efficient than others on the market and ensuring more power output per engine size, Makinex Generators offer greater fuel efficiency without compromising on power.

For the last decade, Makinex have specialised in the design and development of equipment and tooling for the broader construction industry. With the launch of the new Makinex Generators, this presents an exciting new market opportunity in power generation.

“We are committed to delivering innovative products that promote efficiency,” stated Director, Rory Kennard. “The new Generators are a perfect example of taking a standardised product on the market and significantly improving the design, functionality and efficiency to benefit the end-user.”

For more information on the Makinex Generators, call 1300 795 953 or make an enquiry.

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Preserving national parks one stone at a time

Over 35 years in the industry and still going strong, Tony Hamilton, owner of masonry company WA Hamilton works in a niche area of construction, undertaking restorative work for national parks in the northern Sydney region.

Tony settled in Australia from Ireland 25 years ago as a Stonemason, and has since specialised in building native bushlands in council reserves. A typical day comprises of building river beds, constructing stone tracks and steps, integrating native plants into the existing bushland. The catalyst for this type of work was the requirement for fireproofing and clearing timber logs and debris following the imminent bushfires that spread throughout Sydney in the early 90’s.

“We work to preserve the natural habitat for wildlife, keeping the bushland as natural as possible,” stated Tony. “I even took a course in bush regeneration as there is a real science behind the conservation of the reserves we work in.”
What’s the secret that gives WA Hamilton a good track record, keeping customers coming back? “We take complete ownership of job from start to finish so the customer can sit back and not worry about a thing.”

With happy customers comes a lot of repeat work, which means Tony is always run off his feet. To unwind, Tony enjoys horse riding on his acreage. “I grew up on a farm so this has always been a great way to relax.”

Keeping productive whilst maintaining the land

Preserving national parks one stone at a timeTony owns and operates a number of Cormidi Dumpers, which are essential for not only productivity, but also safety and preservation of the wildlife areas. Recently, Tony purchased a Cormidi 40 that only just arrived on Australian shores.

“The low ground pressure of the Cormidi keeps the bush tracks in their natural condition.” Tony claims. “I have used similar machines and find the Cormidi has more capacity and greater speed, so we can maneuver over tree roots and uneven terrain with greater safety and control.”

Tony believes his staff are more confident using the Cormidi as it is sturdier and more stable due to its width and built-in rocking roller system that gives greater suspension.

“It also saves time, energy and back strain.” Tony concluded.

Home Depot adds Jackhammer Trolley to rental stores

Home Depot, the world’s largest home improvement specialty store with over 40,000 line items have taken on the Jackhammer Trolley in its rental stores, via American distributor Pearl Abrasive.

From February to March this year, Home Depot Rentals worked with Pearl Abrasive in conducting trials of the Jackhammer Trolley throughout 50 rental outlets. Typically, product trials to determine market feasibility take 6-12 months after which a decision is made as to whether there has been sufficient customer acceptance of the product. In this instance however, it took only six weeks to determine the Jackhammer Trolley was in high demand as contractors were continually uitilising the product.

Due to its popularity, the Jackhammer Trolley has been rolled out in 600 stores across the Home Depot Rental network, with further plans to be stocked in all 1255 rental stores over the coming months. The rapid acceptance by customers comes as no surprise as the Jackhammer Trolley was specifically designed and developed to make tile removal and demolition faster and easier for contractors.

“Makinex are proud of the Jackhammer Trolley making it into one of the biggest rental companies in the United States.” stated Paul Weaver, International Sales Manager. “Since opening our USA office in Florida back in January this year, overall sales have exceeded expectations. We are optimistic in our plans to further extend our brand and products throughout the North American market.”

Access all areas with Cormidi Dumpers

The Cormidi Dumper range distributed by Makinex enables operators to access all areas, fitting into the narrowest spaces and navigating over all types of terrain.

For every operator or contractor, site access can be one of the biggest challenges, particularly in urban areas where houses are tightly packed together. The Makinex range of Cormidi Dumpers start at a tiny 680mm width, allowing the unit to easily manoeuvre between houses, fences, gates, trees and narrow pathways.

These motorised wheelbarrows are rugged and durable, designed with a rocking roller undercarriage feature that acts as a suspension system when travelling over all types of terrain. Cormidi Dumpers can travel over rocks, gutters, tree roots and virtually any other uneven surface at an angle of up to 20°.

Starting at a 350KG load capacity and going up to 2000KG, the dumpers can lift, shift, load, transport and store any materials from concrete blocks to brick, stone, dirt and gravel. High tipping features available on some models enable the dumper to drop materials directly into vehicles such as utes and trucks, making the task more efficient.

A significant feature that helps operators keep control of maintenance costs is the fully hydrostatic configuration that eliminates the expense of replacing expensive cables and belts. For most Cormidi models, service is as simple as a change in fluids that can be done easily and quickly.

Cormidi Dumpers are versatile machines, which Makinex is proud to distribute along with parts, service and support.

For more information on the complete Cormidi Dumper range, call Makinex on 1300 795 953.

Getting to know your Makinex team!

If there is one person who is truly part of the furniture at Makinex, it’s Office Administrator, Ali Taylor. Since starting in 2007, Ali has been an integral team member providing invaluable administration support and customer service.

No day is ever the same as Ali is kept busy answering phones, interacting with customers, taking sales and service enquiries and coordinating invoices and purchasing. When you call the Makinex office you will immediately recognise Ali, as she is friendly, enthusiastic and always goes above and beyond the call of duty.

So how did Ali come to work at Makinex? “When I finished school, my partner’s parents were pushing him out of the nest so we decided to move out together and I needed a job. I initially searched in the Central Coast only, as that’s where we live. It was my partner who suggested I try looking for work in Sydney and here I am!”

Since working for Makinex, Ali commutes 90 minutes to work each way from her peaceful neighbourhood in Lake Munmorah. She enjoys working with the staff of Makinex and the variety of the role so much that the drive is merely incidental.

“I love being part of the team,” says Ali. “It’s great working with your best friends five days a week!”

On weekends, Ali enjoys spending time with family and friends, as well as jetty fishing, go karting, paintball and virtually anything adventurous.

She’s a huge movie buff too. Ali loves foreign or independent films and subscribes to Empire, a monthly magazine for movie enthusiasts. If there’s a movie out there, you can guarantee that Ali has seen it.

“There are so many fantastic movies to choose from, but the ones that I really enjoy are Pans Labyrinth by Guillermo del Toro, Identity with John Cusack and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with Elizabeth Taylor and the latest Journey to the West staring Qi Shu.”

Documentaries are also of great interest to Ali. “I love watching cuttlefish and their amazing hunting techniques, they’re so intelligent.”

Innovative Makinex Powered Hand Truck further evolves with the design and launch of two new attachments

Since the release of the Makinex Powered Hand Truck PHT-140 in 2013, further developments have been made to improve the design to broaden the product’s utilisation across many applications.

The Makinex Powered Hand Truck PHT-140 is a universal materials handling solution that enables one person operation, to safely lift and load equipment or bulky goods weighing up to 140kg (309lbs) onto bench tops and into vehicles. This unique product is revolutionary to the industry, eliminating awkward and dangerous lifts and thus reducing back injury.

Made of lightweight aluminium and powered by a 12V rechargeable battery, the PHT-140 easily manoeuvres equipment with a lifting eye by the use of a hook attachment. Knowing that not all goods have a lifting eye, Makinex also developed a fork attachment suitable for pallets. Providing a hook and fork attachment allowed for more versatility using the PHT-140.

PHT with glass sucker attachmentRecently, Makinex have designed another two attachments – the strap frame and glass sucker. The strap frame combines with the fork attachment, allowing the user to lift almost anything from pot plants, boxes and generators. The glass sucker is used to lift heavy glass sheets in glazing applications, lifting and moving in preparation for installation.

Further, the PHT-140 has undergone improvements to the design for better ergonomics and operation. With functionality and safety in mind, Makinex have improved the charging system, produced a more robust folding wheel, added a safety latch to the hook and reduced the weight of the tilt head system for more flexibility.

“Makinex are proud to design and develop unique product innovations that vastly increase productivity,” stated Rory Kennard, Director and designer behind the PHT-140. “We will always look at ways for tradespeople and contractors to do their job faster, safer and easier, and the PHT-140 will keep evolving to deliver that.”

Other innovations designed by Makinex include the Dual Pressure Washer, a two-in-one wand and rotary pressure cleaner system, the Jackhammer Trolley, a tile lifting and floor demolition tool and the range of Floor Saws for cutting through concrete and asphalt.

For more information on the Makinex PHT-140 or the complete range of construction products, call 1300 795 953.

Tough as nails

Joel Baker, Makinex Sales Manager for NSW and QLD territory has seen many phases of growth and change since he started in 2011. Coming from a professional background in real estate for seven years and a Diploma in Property, Joel is well accustomed to the challenges of a dynamic sales environment.

“I saw an opportunity to work with a growing business and was excited by the challenge to help it grow,” says Joel. “In only a few years I have seen Makinex grow rapidly, expanding into international markets whilst still bringing out new innovative products.”

Joel’s day is filled with talking to customers, giving product demonstrations and travelling to customer work sites. “I’m always looking for new opportunities as there are always customers out there who could do their job faster and easier with our products.”

Makinex supplies to the construction, hire and rental, flooring and demolition industry, keeping Joel on his toes working with a wide variety of tradesman and contractors. Resilience is required to manage the task of managing many different customers with different needs and Joel, who is tough as nails, is just the right person.

The fast pace of working at Makinex certainly keeps Joel busy, but on weekends his down time consists of water skiing, fishing, tennis or watching sports either live or on TV.