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AlturnaMATS – Ground Mats provide the perfect solution for short-term roads, paths and work platforms. They allow drive on ground protection and heavy vehicle access. Distributing weight across their surface protecting the ground below, and are quick and easy to assemble simple mat links.


Use them across established lawns and sandy areas , rescue machinery when it is bogged, provide walkways, tracks and paths for pedestrians. Not only will it mean you and your business can keep working in difficult conditions it will also mean your customers will love you, as you will be the only ones able to work, when your competitors are stuck in the mud.


Key Features

  •  Mats link together to form temporary roads, paths or work platforms
  • Provides vehicle access and traction over difficult ground conditions
  • Made from 12.5mm engineered 100% high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Non-slip textured surface
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Prevents (and rescues) trucks and equipment from being bogged
  • Optional Handy Hooks and Links




“Previously, we used large sheets of plywood as ground protection at the Royal Easter Show when vehicles needed to cross or stand on the main arena and other grassed areas, however, the ply was very heavy to handle and also used to sink into the grass. AlturnaMATS Ground Mats are very strong while being light and easy to move around, which means you can get the job done very quickly. We used about 12 of them while building the water jump for the equestrian events in the main arena, but in other areas you might use just 4 of them under the wheels of a truck. They are also good for inside pavilions to protect flooring from forklifts, boom lifts and similar machines.”

Peter Walters, RAS Asset Services Manager, Sydney NSW


 “We purchased 30 x AM48 AlturnaMATS Ground Mats. We gave the mats a go for our drilling rig at Wardswell in the black soil (real soft ground), without them mate they would have never got out. They’re definitely worth their weight in gold, everyone was rapt.”

Chris Gear, BMA Coal, Mackay QLD

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Makinex Partners with US Pressure Washer Manufacturers Mi-T-M

Makinex are proud to announce a new strategic partnership with Mi-T-M Corporation based in Peosta, Iowa. Mi-T-M founded in 1971 are leading designers and manufacturers of high quality industrial equipment.


In line with Makinex growth in the North American Market over the past year, coupled with sales success of our range of Dual Pressure Washer Trolleys around the world led Makinex to source an experienced partner like Mi-T-M to take our product to the next level.


Paul Weaver our International Sales Manager said “Continued development working with

Mi-T-M engineers has led to even further improvements in the Dual Pressure Washer which is tailored for the North American Market. This coupled with our customers having access to the Mi-T-M service and spare parts network will give them the confidence in purchasing the Makinex range


The Dual Pressure Washer has been a big success in Australia selling over 250 units in its first 12 months. Makinex are very pleased to be working with an American manufacturer. We are proud to be able to say Made in America on our products.


Makinex will be showing the Dual Pressure Washer along with a variety of other products at the up and coming ARA show in New Orleans and look forward to building further business relationships with our American colleagues.


Rory Kennard – Director stated “It is an exciting time to be in North America. Revenue growth for the equipment rental industry continues to be on the rise and we want to be a part of that.”


Other innovations designed by Makinex include the Mixing Station, the  Jackhammer Trolley, a tile lifting and floor demolition tool, and Makinex Powered Hand Truck.


For more information on the Makinex Dual Pressure Washer or the complete range of construction products, visit or call 855 MAKINEX  (855-625-4639)

Makinex Sales Boys Road Trip

Over the last month our sales boys have been travelling the globe spreading the Makinex message.

Joel Barker covered NSW and Paul Weaver went state side in search of new frontiers for Makinex USA.

Here are a few stories from their adventures.

Joel’s NSW Trip

Joel Barker our Sales Manager spent 5 days traveling from Sydney to Newcastle and up the coast to Port Macquarie meeting with our local contractors at the Australian Flooring Supplies Trade Night. Joel says “We had some great feedback on our Floor Stripper, Mixing Station, Jackhammer Trolley and Floor Saw. Everyone who attended loved the Mixing Station and it is always great to get customers and potential reseller feedback”

We are dealing with National Parks, Councils and Hire Companies all the time – do you feel your industry could do with some reliable and efficient construction products? Get in touch with Joel on 1300 795 953


Paul’s State Side Adventure – yee ha

Paul in USA    eu team

Paul’s trip to USA was a 3 week Makinex extravaganza covering Dallas, Orlando, Miami, Chicago, Iowa and Los Angeles.

During Paul’s time away he met our American and European team, along with many of our distributors.

Since launching Makinex USA back in January 2014 we have started to build some really important relationships including:

  • Distribution though Pearl Abrasive for our Jack Hammer Trolley in Home Depot.
  • Makinex Jack Hammer Trolley being trailed in Home Depot Canada
  • Mi-T-M being signed as our US manufacturer for our Dual Pressue Washer Range in the US.

Paul Weaver our International Sales Manager says “These are exciting times for Makinex, and we are looking forward to growing our product range and working closely with our partners in the US”

Makinex exhibited at the Floors and Surfaces Exhibition in Miami where we gained some amazing feedback and enjoyed showcasing our products.

Why not get in touch with Paul or Joel to get a quote for some of our Makinex Products.

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No more back pain with the hand powered truck

Hunter Valley Hire purchased the Powered Hand Truck in April this year. We purchased

this machine after viewing it on the Makinex website after realising the machine would be a great benefit

to staff welfare.

We use the lifter for lifting plate compactors, pressure cleaners & generators into the

back of customers vehicles or trailers.

After realising I had a lower back injury from all the years of heavy lifting

& not using the right technique I was at a point where I was continuously in

back pain from my injury every time I attempted to lift something.

Since using the lifter  I no longer physically life quipment into customers

vehicles as a result of this I no longer suffer from daily back pain. I would not even try to lift

equipment into a customers vehicle without the Makinex Hand Powered Truck.

My favourite element about the lifter is ease of use there is no time wasting setting it up.

Just flick the on switch & away you go.

What we can do now that we couldn’t do before with the lifter is to lift equipment

into customers vehicles alone not having to rely on another staff member to assist you in

lifting equipment into customers vehicle.

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Getting to know your Makinex team! Staff profile: Doug Lobban

As Makinex continues to grow and evolve since humble beginnings a decade ago, new roles and areas of the business are being added to accommodate the increasing demands in service provision.

Recently, Makinex has taken on Doug Lobban, Service and Spare Parts Manager to oversee servicing and maintenance Australia-wide, as well as New Zealand. Within their own workshop in Sydney or via field service agents, Makinex will provide service offerings of all Makinex products.

Prior to Makinex, Doug worked for six years in construction and operations at a fencing company, managing large scale sites with several teams of personnel. He is a practical, hands-on worker and is well versed in solving problems.

“Previously I was on the production team building the Makinex Powered Hand Truck, Floor Stripper and Dual Pressure Washer,” Doug said. “Working up close with these unique products that were specifically designed by Makinex has enabled me to have a thorough understanding of their maintenance requirements. It has also given me an appreciation for the product’s effectiveness in making the contractor work smarter!”

Doug is currently working with service agents negotiating variables such as location, price and capabilities, ensuring that any field serviceman commissioned will provide the quality of workmanship and reliability that Makinex is renowned for.

“Sourcing the right agents is critical to our success in delivering excellent service to the customer. We are also in the process of sourcing a NSW Service Technician who can efficiently undertake the majority of service at the customer’s site at their convenience.”

Managing the parts inventory will also be a new challenge for Doug, as he will be working with both the Makinex suppliers and customers to source competitively priced parts. With thousands of parts moved annually, Doug will be managing stock and availability so customers are assured of accessibility.

Each day is a whirlwind as Doug is also managing a busy warehouse of production staff who all form part of a close knit team that are responsible for assembling Makinex products.

“Busy is an understatement,” Doug laughed. “Which is why my weekends are filled with recreation – swimming, surfing and bushwalking. I also enjoy watching cricket and almost any form of football too.”

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Makinex launches the new Cormidi 85 Dumper

The latest addition to the line-up of Cormidi narrow access dumpers distributed by Makinex has just arrived on Australian shores.

The new Cormidi 85 Dumper manufactured in Italy is a high performance compact dumper that efficiently transports bulk materials. With only 835mm width, the Cormidi 85 can easily manoeuvre through the narrowest of spaces and navigate over all types of terrain.

The skip capacity of the new Cormidi 85 is 15% greater than the previous model, allowing contractors to load and shift more materials in each load. The new dumper also travels at an increased speed, reducing the overall hours of labour and time in completing a job. It also features a Donaldson dual air filter system for greater engine protection.

“We are proud to supply these versatile dumpers that are rugged and durable,” stated Makinex International Sales Manager, Paul Weaver. “We will always endeavour to release newer and improved products that provide greater benefits to the end-user such is increased efficiency.”

Cormidi Dumpers all feature a built-in suspension system in the tracks that allows travel over rocks, gutters, tree roots and virtually any other uneven surface at an angle of up to 20°. Starting at a 400KG load capacity and going up to 2000KG, the dumpers can lift, shift, load, transport and store any materials from concrete blocks to brick, stone, dirt and gravel. High tipping features available on some models enable the dumper to drop materials directly into utes and skip bins, making the task more efficient.

The machines are fully hydrostatic, eliminating the expense of replacing expensive cables and belts and allowing operators to control their maintenance costs.

For more information on the new Cormidi 85 Dumper, call 1300 795 953.

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Makinex partners with ACCA to help members achieve increased efficiency in facilities maintenance

Makinex have joined the Australasian Cemeteries and Crematoria Association (ACCA), a non-profit organisation that provides leadership, professional services and communications to the industry.

ACCA is made up of approximately 150 members made up of cemeteries, crematoriums and councils, as well as affiliate organisations that provide products and services to the industry.

The association holds annual conferences through various locations in Australia, bringing together members and suppliers for professional development, exhibition and networking. ACCA also publish a quarterly magazine ACCA News to deliver industry specific news and topical information for its members.

Rookwood Cemetery and Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust are a few of several customers who are part of the association whom Makinex have worked with in the provision of equipment for grave digging and transporting materials.

“Our Canycom Swivel Dumpers and Cormidi Mini Dumpers are currently helping several cemeteries nationally to achieve greater efficiency,” stated International Sales Manager, Paul Weaver. “We are proud to supply specialised machines that allow operators to be productive whilst keeping the cemetery monuments and landscapes in pristine condition.”

The Canycom and Cormidi Dumpers set a new benchmark in allowing operators to achieve excellence in facilities maintenance. On average, a saving of two and a half hours per dig can be achieved by using the Canycom S100 Dumper.

“Makinex are looking forward to working with ACCA in educating the industry on best practices in construction and maintenance using the latest equipment.” concluded Paul.

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‘Clarkey for Kids’ puts on silver service for a good cause

Makinex have donated a medical device to the Humpty Dumpty Foundation, as part of a Clarkey for Kids Sports Luncheon event attended by Makinex Director, Rory Kennard and International Sales Manager, Paul Weaver.

A Rad 7 Pulse Oximeter was donated to Cairns Base Hospital, a noninvasive device that measures the concentration of oxygen in blood. The tool is used in the evaluation of various medical conditions affecting the function of the heart and lungs, necessary in many neonatal units and paediatric wards.

The Humpty Dumpty Foundation, founded in 1996 buys essential life-saving medical equipment and raises funding for special projects in hospitals around Australia. Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke, in partnership with the Loyal Foundation raised over $500,000 from a corporate luncheon in July for Humpty Dumpty. The event, attended by well-known TV presenter Ray Martin and fellow cricketer Mark Taylor, had proceeds going towards the immediate purchase of children’s medical equipment to 19 hospitals and health services.

“Makinex are pleased to support these charities in the provision of critical medical equipment for local hospitals,” stated Rory. “Many other organisations also showed their generosity at the Clarkey for Kids event and we are glad to be part of such a worthy cause.”

A few days following the luncheon, Michael Clarke went on to compete in a Sydney to Gold Coast yacht race with the intent of raising funds for seriously ill children. “Over the last few years, three infants very close to me have needed lifesaving medical equipment to survive. Doctors are doing an amazing job, but there is a huge shortage of reliable medical equipment.” Michael stated.

Please consider making a donation today by clicking the links below.

Humpty Dumpty Foundation

The Loyal Foundation

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Makinex Dual Pressure Washer to be a Hot Product at Ausclean Expo

Makinex will be exhibiting at the upcoming Ausclean Expo, 14 October 2014 at the Melbourne Cricket Grounds (MCG).

Co-located with the Institute of Hospitality in Healthcare (IHHC) national conference, the Ausclean Expo will bring reputable cleaning consumable and equipment companies together to give contractors an opportunity to review their latest ‘hot products.’

The Expo will attract cleaners, facilities managers, BSCs, healthcare and food service workers and other professionals in the cleaning, hygiene, hospitality and property maintenance industries.

Makinex will be exhibiting their Dual Pressure Washer DPW-4000 combined rotary wand and pressure washer, a powerful and versatile tool that was only introduced to the market in late 2013. The DPW-4000 is one of several product innovations that Makinex have specifically designed and developed with increased productivity in mind.

The one day Expo, located in the Harrison and Dean Jones Rooms of MCG is operated by The Intermedia Group who publish INCLEAN, a bi-monthly industry magazine that is distributed throughout Australia and NZ. INCLEAN, along with Ausclean and other related industry events are at the forefront of the cleaning industry, delivering the latest information to the industry for more than 24 years.

Register for the Ausclean Expo – entry is FREE!

Download your Ausclean Expo invitation

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