Canycom Dumpers – Farewell Wheelbarrows

Makinex distribute the Canycom Swivel Dumper to many NSW Cemetery’s and Crematorium. The benefits of this machine to the cemetery industry are easy to see.

 With the ride-on tracked 180 degree swivel dumper with a pivoting bucket, it is designed for easy performance and maneuverability over rough and tight access terrain.

 It is only 980mm wide which makes it perfect for working in confined spaces, and with heavy duty rubber tracks and roller system provides a comfortable ride that minimizes ground damage.

 Makinex have recently provided Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium 3 machines. Roland Wittkamp – burial coordinator says

“We at Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium use the Canycom’s when digging in tight spaces such as in our monumental gravesite areas.

 The Canycom’s are easy and precise to manoeuvre in the tight spaces.

 This gives us the advantage to use machinery instead of wheelbarrows to remove the earth from a gravesite, which makes the work of course a lot easier and safer for us.

 The ability to spin the tipper tray on the spot  helps  us as well with the fill in, which again would otherwise be a manual and very labour intensive task.

 For the work situations we use the machines in, I can recommend them.”


 The benefits of this machine to the cemetery industry are a perfect match, and why would you use hard labour and a wheelbarrow when you can get the job done faster, easier and safer with the Canycom Dumper.

 Canycom Range Includes Canycom S100 1 tonne swivel dumper and Canycom S25A 2500KG Swivel Dumper.

 Other innovations designed by Makinex include the Cormidi Dumper Range, the  Jackhammer Trolley, a tile lifting and floor demolition tool, and Makinex Powered Hand Truck.

 For more information on the Makinex range of construction products, visit or call 855–625-4639 or 855 MAKINEX

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