By the power of Makinex – Small but powerful Generators

There are some machines you just can’t do without on a construction site.

 Power is one of those things.

Without it you may as well just go home…….

 When you do get power, it needs to be powerful, portable, and always be there when you need it.

 Makinex Petrol and Diesel Generators are the most advanced of their kind and offer the following benefits over the competitor:

  • Using the latest in alternator technology
  • Smaller and more compact than other models
  • Greater robustness with a galvanized frame
  • More fuel efficient
  • Easier to maneuver, store and transport

 Makinex are happy to boast that our generators are 15 % more efficient than other brands and with a casing size of 668 x 548 they are also the most compact.

 Makinex Generators are also able to combine 3 phase and single phase outlets , and have a very high start capacity.

 So – What does this mean for you the user?

 It means

  • You can store our little power hubs anywhere you like, on the back of your Ute, in the corner of the office, they are small and powerful and like all great machines you won’t even notice their there.
  •  Saving 15% on efficiency is not a small number to be sniffed at, making your business more efficient is money in your pocket, and money in your pocket can mean anything from buying a round of beers at the pub on a Friday night or taking your partner out to dinner. Sound Good? Hell Yeh!


No matter what job you are working on Makinex Petrol and Diesel Generators will work for you. Giving power to your equipment, tools, lighting, appliances, air conditioners, welders and brick saws. They are suitable for use in rental yards, construction sites, medical facilities and on farms where power is limited.

 Makinex Generators have been designed and developed to withstand harsh Australian weather conditions so you can feel confident to always have power.

 Makinex are also now offering a “Try Before You Buy Option” which shows the confidence in our products, so why not get in touch with either Paul or Joel at Makinex to find out more details.

 For more information visit or call 1300 795 953.