Tough as nails

Joel Baker, Makinex Sales Manager for NSW and QLD territory has seen many phases of growth and change since he started in 2011. “I saw an opportunity to work with a growing business and was excited by the challenge to help it grow,” says Joel.

Pioneering success

Since 2007, International Sales Manager Paul Weaver has pioneered sales, distribution and service for the company as it has expanded from a humble two-man operation in Sydney to an international company. Paul started in a national role at Makinex and soon became responsible for global sales as the business expanded overseas.

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Makinex Jackhammer Trolley makes floor removal easier than ever

Since its first release in 2006, the Jackhammer Trolley has been a popular Makinex product both locally and overseas, with more units sold incrementally each year. The JHT quickly gained acceptance due to its ability to reduce labour time by as much as six times and has been widely used in the flooring industry, from tile removal to demolition and surface preparation. It is categorically the only product of its kind, taking the majority of weight, vibration and impact of a jackhammer and thus reducing back pain and operator fatigue.

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