Customer Profile: Rookwood General Cemeteries Reserve Trust

Plant and Vehicle Maintenance Manager Frank Dominici, works among 100 other staff who demonstrate a genuine commitment to the landscape and preservation of the cemetery. Investing in the right equipment is critical for Frank and his team to be able to carry out their tasks efficiently and keep the cemetery in pristine condition.

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Preserving national parks one stone at a time

Over 35 years in the industry and still going strong, Tony Hamilton, owner of masonry company WA Hamilton works in a niche area of construction, undertaking restorative work for national parks in the northern Sydney region.

Access all areas with Cormidi Dumpers

The Cormidi Dumper range distributed by Makinex enables operators to access all areas, fitting into the narrowest spaces and navigating over all types of terrain.

Getting to know your Makinex team!

If there is one person who is truly part of the furniture at Makinex, it’s Office Administrator, Ali Taylor. Since starting in 2007, Ali has been an integral team member providing invaluable administration support and customer service.