Makinex at Bouw Beurs European Event

Makinex last week went all Ooo La La in Holland. Rory Kennard our CEO helped out at our Euro Booth with the new European Team. We were showing our European Product range including Mixing Station, Dual Pressure Washer, Powered Hand Truck and Jack Hammer Trolley. There was over 105,000 people who attended the 7 day show. We had a great response in this new territory, and our European Team headed by brothers Matthieu and Michael did a great job at spreading the Makinex Message and our reputation for Innovation.

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Autumn is coming, are you ready?

The long hot summer days with dry easy to work on ground are starting to come to an end, I know depressing isn’t it. It is inevitable that the rains will come and the work sites become boggy and difficult to work on, getting heavy equipment to and from site is hard and time consuming. No one wants this…But there is a way to continue working even when conditions are far from perfect. AlturnaMATS – Ground Mats provide the perfect solution for short-term roads, paths and work platforms.

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