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AlturnaMATS – Ground Mats provide the perfect solution for short-term roads, paths and work platforms. They allow drive on ground protection and heavy vehicle access. Distributing weight across their surface protecting the ground below, and are quick and easy to assemble simple mat links.


Use them across established lawns and sandy areas , rescue machinery when it is bogged, provide walkways, tracks and paths for pedestrians. Not only will it mean you and your business can keep working in difficult conditions it will also mean your customers will love you, as you will be the only ones able to work, when your competitors are stuck in the mud.


Key Features

  •  Mats link together to form temporary roads, paths or work platforms
  • Provides vehicle access and traction over difficult ground conditions
  • Made from 12.5mm engineered 100% high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Non-slip textured surface
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Prevents (and rescues) trucks and equipment from being bogged
  • Optional Handy Hooks and Links




“Previously, we used large sheets of plywood as ground protection at the Royal Easter Show when vehicles needed to cross or stand on the main arena and other grassed areas, however, the ply was very heavy to handle and also used to sink into the grass. AlturnaMATS Ground Mats are very strong while being light and easy to move around, which means you can get the job done very quickly. We used about 12 of them while building the water jump for the equestrian events in the main arena, but in other areas you might use just 4 of them under the wheels of a truck. They are also good for inside pavilions to protect flooring from forklifts, boom lifts and similar machines.”

Peter Walters, RAS Asset Services Manager, Sydney NSW


 “We purchased 30 x AM48 AlturnaMATS Ground Mats. We gave the mats a go for our drilling rig at Wardswell in the black soil (real soft ground), without them mate they would have never got out. They’re definitely worth their weight in gold, everyone was rapt.”

Chris Gear, BMA Coal, Mackay QLD

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