Announcement of Peter Maginnis joining the Makinex Team

Peter joined the Makinex team on 1st June 2015, after spending the last 10 years in the rental and self-storage industry.


Peter brings with him a passion to provide the best equipment rentals, sales and service to construction companies, builders contractors and landscapers, following the same goals as Makinex.


Rory Kennard says “I met Peter as part of the Global Rental Alliance in Australia and we have stayed in touch ever since, he has been a great mentor to me in setting up Makinex USA, I am very excited to have him as part of the ever growing Makinex team, and am looking forward to working with him full time to grow the American arm of our business.”


Peter will be working from our new North American Head Office based in Los Angeles, as we are expanding in the North American and Canadian space with the new business partnership between Makinex and Home Depot Canada and Home Depot online for our Jackhammer Trolleys and Tile Smasher Heads


Peter says

….”I am very excited about the products that Makinex has and feel like they are the best in the industry. The Makinex machines are the strongest built and really make the job easy! I look forward to selling these products to many customers so that they can work smarter not harder.”



The Makinex range in North America includes 

Jackhammer Trolley, Dual Pressure Washer, Mixing Station, and The Powered Hand Truck, we hope with the help of Peter to grow our distribution chain and dealer relationships in the future as well as introducing new products to the market.